What I learned by running the Stenfjellet Endurance 2017

Posted by JM on Oct 21, 2017

I learned that when you’re given 30 hours to run as many 11 km circuits as you can, you should use all of that time and use it wisely.

The Norwegian outback is also very wet! And running with a mate is a lot of fun, especially with Linda, who can really talk non-stop about a lot of things - which is strangely comforting in the dark when you can’t see where you’re going! :)

Last night at the Berghem Stenfjellet Endurance race at Gåsbu, Hedmark county, where runners had 30 hours to do as many laps of the 11.7 km Stenfjellet circuit as possible. I managed to do four rounds and officially qualify as an ultra runner. 🏃‍♀️🤸‍♀️

The race took place on the Hedmarksvidda, a plateau well known for its tough swampy terrain. I stayed on my feet for 12 hours and ran one of the rounds at night to qualify for the 46km. Thinking of taking a nap at close to midnight, I woke up at 5am realising I had overslept and was the second last person still at the race out of the 18 which had started.

The end...actually I didn't run for 24 hours, somehow I fell asleep for a few hours which was a bummer!

The end…actually I didn’t run for 24 hours, somehow I fell asleep for a few hours which was a bummer!

Daybreak brought some light snowfall on top of Stenfjellet and it was quite amazing to be alone on the vidda running through the stillness and quiet. I eventually stopped at five rounds and 58.5 km after debating whether to try for 50 miles.

In retrospect what stopped me from continuing? Nothing really. I wasn’t that tired or sore, and I definitely had one more round of 11.7 km left in me. The mind was quick to say no, even though another aspect of me wanted to get back out there. Commitment and singlemindedness is still something to develop.

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