Behind Creative Nomads Consulting are Hildegunn Hodne and Jasmin Martin, a Viking from Sandnes, Norway and a Kiwi-Aussie from all over the place. Read more about us:



We can bring your story to life in an illustrated article, book, graphic novel and/or cartoon. Jasmin writes and Hildegunn brings the words to life through her drawings. Sometimes we swap roles, or we both contribute to the writing and illustration. It all depends on the project.



Both of us were born with the travel bug. Which makes it hard to have pets. That’s why we love house and farmsitting, as we get to experience both. We’re always open for sitting jobs in Europe, Scandinavia and Down Under. Long term house and farmsits are our preference, with a minimum of one month. We can take care of your animals, garden and home. If you’d like us to take care of your Airbnb space as well, we have experience running our own.