Recon from Gåsbu to Stenfjellet

Posted by JM on Sep 19, 2017

I checked out the trail from Gåsbu to Stenfjellet (a mountain) and back, which is located on Hedmarksvidda (famous for being a gentle swamp). I had some experience with this area last year hiking the Rondanestien.

Gåsbu-Stenfjellet-Gåsbu will be the route for Bèrghem Ultraløpperklubb’s Ultra100 Stenfjellet Endurance race in October. The ascent up to Stenfjellet will be via Appelsinhaugen and the descent from Stenfjellet will be via Lageråkvisla.

Each runner has 30 hours to run as many loops of the 11.7 km course as they can. The goal for iron men and women will be 100 miles or 14 loops. The min. goal for beginners like me, will be 4 loops, and if still standing, then more.

To quote race organiser Fulvio Øksendal “It’s not supposed to be easy.” He wasn’t joking when he said there’s going to be rock, swamp, wet wood, and roots. The first leg from Gåsbu to Stenfjellet passes through Stormyra (lit. big swamp), and well, it’s going to be wet. The return leg via Lageråkvisla seems not as bad. Although everything is relative. Then together with this will be darkness and night time running. Plus in one month the weather will be colder. And if it rains before then? A wetsuit and flippers might be useful.

It’s a beautiful area and a stunning location, which provides a great chance to learn more about ultra running from those already experienced in it. Looking forward to the run, and feeling ‘a bit’ more prepared now that I know what to expect (kind of). Although it would be more realistic to say this won’t be a race, but rather a jump into the unknown.

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