Lifjell in Sandnes

Posted by JM on May 28, 2013

Lifjell and Dalsnuten are the closest mountains to Stavanger and Sandnes. They make for easy and pleasant day walks. On both peaks, you can enjoy unspoiled views of the local area and see how rich the Stavanger region is in natural beauty - from the sea, to the fjords, to the mountains.

Sandnes and Stavanger may appear to be one big metropolis but they are in fact separate cities. The Sandnes municipality is also much larger than the Stavanger municipality and includes many great places for day trips and hikes. Lifjell is just one of these.

Here is a link to the walking trail map.

Quick Facts

  • Trail: Start from Dale and walk up to Dalevatnet. Take the long route to Lifjell instead of the short route. Once at the summit follow the trail down to Einerneset and along the boulders back to Dale.
  • Duration: The walk takes approximately 4-5 hours, including stops for lunch and photos. The shorter route of course takes less time.
  • Elevation: approx. 300 metres.
  • Tips: It can be quite windy at the top. You will have to climb up and down non stop. Take good hiking boots and poles. In early spring there may be ice and snow on some parts of the hills.
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