Mirow in the Mecklenburg Lake District, Germany

Posted by JM on Mar 01, 2013

Mirow is one of many towns in the Mecklenburg Lake District that lie near or around Lake Müritz. Müritz National Park in northern Germany contains over 1200 lakes and is a natural haven for many indigenous and unique flora and fauna. It is certainly one of the most beautiful parks in Germany. Plan ahead as you’ll want to stay here for quite a while (bring a bike, or a kayak, plus a tent and you’ll be set for days of adventures).

The crown of Mirow is the Drei Königinnen Palais (three queens palace) which is situated in the heart of Mirow on Castle Island. There is an old castle brewery there, which now functions as a hotel and restaurant. It has a beautiful Biergarten where you can sit outside and enjoy a view of the lake (not the Müritz).

From Mirow it’s possible to take a boat cruise along the lake system and see just why people love this area. In fact, there are several other worthy towns to visit, including Waren, Müritz, Röbel and Neustrelitz. Driving around the lakes and through the forests provides a fantastic taste of German nature at its best.

It’s possible to explore the area by bike, on foot or with a kayak. We recommend taking a tent and camping wherever you can. There are several FKK camping sites (nudist) and if that’s not for you, then try the normal camp sites. Neustrelitz is very nice and so are the small nearby villages of Userin and Babke.

The reason for being in Mecklenburg was we were married there outdoors in nature. Hildegunn wore her national costume and I didn’t. We got married officially later the same year at the civil registry in Stavanger.

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