About Hildegunn and Jasmin


Hildegunn Hodne and Jasmin Martin are the two minds behind Creative Nomads. We started Creative Nomads back in 2015 while running our ‘Happy Bee Retreat’ Airbnb in Norway for two years. We chose the name Creative Nomads to describe the kind of lifestyle we ideally wanted to lead. Have we succeeded? Find out in our travelogues.



Both of us were born with pencils in our hands. Hildegunn is a highly detailed artist, while Jasmin goes wild with cartoons.



Both of us also have the travel bug, that’s why we love house and farmsitting. We’re always open for sitting and/or caretaking jobs in Scandinavia and Down Under. Long term house and farmsits are our preference. We can take care of your animals, garden and home.

If you’d like us to take care of your Airbnb space as well, we have experience running our own.