About Hildegunn and Jasmin

Two adventurous creative souls

Ever since we (Hildegunn and Jasmin) met in 2012 we’ve been on the move, whether by train, bus, on foot, or in our minds. The Creative Nomads web site gives an idea of how this lifestyle has shaped us, where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

We started Creative Nomads back in 2015 while running our Happy Bee Retreat Airbnb in Norway. We chose the name Creative Nomads to describe the kind of lifestyle we ideally wanted to lead - one of a nomad: writing and illustrating about life on the road and in nature. Have we succeeded? Read this web site to find out!


Why Creative? - Both of us were born with pencils in our hands. Hildegunn is a highly detailed artist, while Jasmin goes wild with cartoons.

Why Nomads? - It’s no secret we like to move or travel with the seasons. We’re always open for housesitting and/or farm caretaking jobs in Scandinavia and Down Under. Long term assignments are our preference. We can take care of your animals, garden and home.


Jasmin and Hildegunn

Jasmin and Hildegunn

Hildegunn - Hildegunn is a sea Viking from the west coast of Norway. She grew up in both Norway and the USA, and travelled the world working as a systems admin for a multi-national company, until she decided to quit and pursue her dream of becoming a full time illustrator. In 2022, Hildegunn published her first book about how she overcame her spider phobia. Visit Hildegunn’s web site to see her latest projects and portfolio.

Jasmin - Jasmin is a mish mash. She grew up in both New Zealand and Australia, and lived in Europe and Scandinavia for many years where she worked as both a freelance language trainer and traditional medicine practitioner. While living in Central Norway, she wrote some articles about life in a small snow-filled village for Life in Norway. Jasmin is currently writing and illustrating a comic about a Viking who travels to Tasmania. Read about her inspiration behind becoming a cartoonist.