Our quasi WWOOFing assignment in the Black Forest on Angelus and Sonja’s farm, with their three goats.

I guess it’s not very typical for two vegans to learn how to milk a goat, make goat’s cheese, or use the leftover goat’s whey to bake bread, but we’re not very typical 😀. Visiting friends in the deepest Black Forest, Germany, who have been running their small goat farm, baking their own bread and making their own goat’s cheese (frisch käse and hart käse) for 35 years. 🙂 Always interesting to learn about self-sufficiency from others who have made it their life’s path and dream.

August 20 Intro to Scything 101

One of the best tools you can have in the garden shed. Great to use and no noise to drive your neighbour berserk. Easy to learn. Keep the blade close to the ground, use small flat movements, keep the shaft close to your body, it’s all in the hip swing. Beware the Viking with a scythe. 🙂 The modern Viking’s hobby – slaying grass. Alternative method of grass slaying – send in the goats. It’s a goat’s life.