Farmhand and Farmsitting

Nature lovers available to work on and look after your farm

Do you own an alpaca, goat or old sheep breed farm? Do you need reliable and competent farmhands who can assist you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis - or just during a very busy season? We’re looking for repeat seasonal work and out of season assignments.

The amazing bond between alpaca num and cria

Flirting with the charming Frankie

We’re patient workers who put the wellbeing and needs of animals first. We think on our feet and aren’t phased by everything happening at once. We’re quick to train up and keen to work. Just wind us up and we start running. :)

We have experience working with and looking after: alpacas, goats - including Australian mini goats - horses and donkeys, mini Hereford cows, poultry and bees, in different seasons and climates.

Feeding the alpacas at Willow Creek farm

Early morning feed with Sylvester Stallion and Kevin Coltner

Or perhaps you need a farmsitter to keep your alpaca, goat or sheep farm running when you go away on holiday or business, on maternity leave or are unable to work due to illness? We’d be happy to stand in for you.

Arriving a few days beforehand is no problem, or if you live close by, we can come out and spend a few days with you, following and observing, and getting your stamp of approval. From a weekend to a few weeks, let us know how we can help.

Shearing with Keith Kat

Feeding the goat bucks

If you’re looking for an extra pair of hands during shearing season, then keep us in mind. We’ve helped out in the shearing season in Australia and Norway with Keith Kat, Mike Snow and Colin Ottery.

We’re interested in working on farms in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Scotland, Ireland, or further afield to Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. We’re open to more exotic locations as well.

Saying hi to CeeBee and Gee

Rescuing a goshawk in Ellendale

When in Australia, we’re happy to work on farms in Tasmania and the Northern Territory, as well as across the Tasman in New Zealand.

Any farm where the wellbeing of the animal is put first is of interest, especially farms where organic, biodynamic, permaculture, regenerative and natural farming principles are put into practice.

Rescuing a toppled bee hive after winter storms

Morning feed at Macclesfield

A list of what we’ve done as farmhand and farmsitter:

  • Giving vitamin boosters
  • Putting together special feed mixes
  • Feeding of hay and pellets
  • Head count and daily check of animals
  • Bringing animals in at night
  • Letting animals out to pasture during the day
  • Keeping an eye out for storms and extreme weather
  • Rescuing livestock that get stuck in the wrong place
  • Quarantining and taking care of sick animals
  • Checking for injuries, accidents or mishaps
  • Mucking out stalls, keeping worksheds and equipment clean
  • Topping up water supplies, etc
  • Welcoming newborns
  • Assisting with difficult births and round the clock feeding of orphans
  • Help with shearing and grading of wool / fleece
  • Treating for parasites, ticks, etc
  • Cutting toenails and teeth, checking feet and butts, etc
  • Checking for heat stress, snakes, predators, etc
  • Keeping an eye on keen alpha males
  • Grooming where necessary


For many years now we’ve been interested in and reading up on natural husbandry and farming practices, and taking courses where we can, e.g. natural beekeeping in Germany and natural horsemanship in Australia.

Stacking firewood

Bob Bobs and Tia Marie in Caveside

The use of alpaca, goat and sheep fibre/wool in building insulation, carpets, textiles, clothing, knitwear is of particular interest. We’re also keen to work with old sheep breeds, such as the Norwegian spælsau and villsau. If we sound like the right candidates for your farm, please get in touch.

Alpaca farmsitting in Norway

Alpacas at Alternative View farm in Gippsland

As of January 2022, we’re currently living on a property in northern Tasmania in a WWOOFing kind of arrangement. In 2020 we completed a one year housesit in Caveside and secured weekend housesits with homeowners in West Tamar, Pipers River, Western Creek, Lilydale, and Dover. We’re always on the lookout for more opportunities to do long term and repeat sits in our local Western Creek area.

Please contact us on 0448 381 306 or by email. We’d love to hear from you. Please feel welcome to read some of our housesitting testimonials.

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