What we offer

If you’ve ever wondered what a creative nomad gets up to, then below is a list of what we offer on this web site:

  • Farmhand - Choose us to look after your alpaca or goat farm when you go on holiday or during a busy season.
  • Handy Women - Hire us for any odd job in and around the home and garden, or to run an errand for you.
  • Housesitting - Choose us to look after your home and pets when you go on holiday.
  • Magic of the Tiers - Read our stories on the people, places and history of the Great Western Tiers / Kooparoona Niara.
  • Nomad Life - Read our essays on living a nomadic life.
  • The Adventures of Wonky Tooth - Read our comic about a Viking who sails to Tasmania.
  • Tiny Home - Read our essays on building an off grid tiny home.
  • Travelogue - Read our travelogues on life in Germany, Norway and Australia.


  • Virtual Admin - Whether virtual or in-person we are competent and efficient admin assistants.
  • Writing and Illustration team - Everyone has a story to tell. Stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We love listening to and bringing stories to life. Sometimes we develop our own stories, other times we help people just like you get your story across. What’s your story? Let us bring your story to life in an illustrated article, book, graphic novel and/or cartoon. Jasmin writes and Hildegunn illustrates. Sometimes we swap roles, or we both contribute to the writing and illustration. It all depends on the project.


Phone 0448 381 306 or email: jasmin@creativenomads.xyz to discuss your job or project, and receive an obligation-free quote.