Are you looking for a way to learn or improve your English, German and Norwegian? On this web site you can learn all three languages simultaneously. In many countries around the world, bilingual and/or trilingual home, education and work life are the norm. So why not give it a go?



The hybrid language

English is a true fusion of many different languages, dialects and influences, and one that keeps growing and changing rapidly thanks to the sheer number of people using it. Sometimes it's feared, other times hated, but pretty much respected as the international language of choice.


Die logische Sprache

Some people dismiss German as an unimaginative and brusque language. But it all depends on whether you listen to German through culturally-biased ears or take time to really get to know the language. German's history in motion will soon sound like music to your ears.


Riksmål eller landsmål

Norwegian's enormous variation from place to place demonstrates how isolation and trade have developed it over the years. From Bokmål’s humble Danish roots, to Nynorsk’s patchwork of dialects, Norwegian will open many doors of opportunity in Scandinavia.



Trilingual parallel stories

Learn English, German and Norwegian at the same time with these parallel language readers. Go!


Trilingual video lessons

Listen to English, German or Norwegian in a video and read the audio transcript. Go!



Effective language immersion

Live in the country of your target language and think, speak and act like a local. Go!


Online or in person

Make consistent progress in language learning and intercultural understanding with a private tutor. Go!