Our Workaway assignment in North Melbourne with Amy, Nikita and Prairie, who introduced us to the ‘corridor of love’.

November 15 Marriage equality for Australians

I’m not usually excited about politics, but it is inspiring when people change the way politics and politicians work. This morning we waited for the result of Australia’s marriage equality vote, which was made public in Melbourne. 61.6% of Australians voted YES to marriage equality, with an amazing 12.7 million participating in the survey. The way Canberra went about getting this result was dumb, and the message is clear: people want change, strong leadership and decisive action. A broad cross section of the community – over seven million Australians – voted in favour of changing the current law. The next step is for the federal parliament to actually make their decision permanent before the end of the year. It’s a positive result for the yes vote, but also a positive result for Australians who have shown that they can come together and make their voice heard. This kind of spirit is something that Australia needs much more of. Congratulations!