De fem dårlige jomfruer

Date published: 23 Dec 2018 - Written by Jasmin - Filed under sacred places


The site of de fem dårlige jomfruer (the five bad virgins) at the foot of Karmsund bridge just outside Haugesund dates back to the iron age - approximately 300 BC.

It combines the symbols of the yoni and phallus, with three standing stones forming a trident shape (treudd), a formation which is quite unusual in Norway. There are also two extra standing stones in the centre of the treudd.

The five virgins

The five virgins

All of the stones are positioned on top of a grave, which contained an urn of German origin (apparently from the southwest Rhine region - I wonder if from the Freiburg area as the local Badisch dialect is pretty similar to west coast Norwegian?). Inside the urn were the ashes of the deceased, wrapped in a bear skin - suggesting a ritualistic ceremony.

The legend tells of five virgins who stood at the site and tried to seduce King Olaf, while on his way to Avaldsnes (you can actually see the Olaf church from the standing stones). They apparently tried to seduce him but he chastised them for their shamelessness and turned them into stone.

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