Mindil Beach Markets in Darwin

Date published: 10 Sep 2018 - Written by Jasmin - Filed under northern territory


It’s probably one of the most touristy markets in Darwin, but it’s an institution in the winter months, when the weather is mild (31 degrees) and dry.

Everyone flocks here to eat from the amazing mix of predominantly Asian food, and sit on the beach to watch the sun go down. As the sun disappears, people start clapping. A beautiful way to show appreciation of the wonderful moments that nature provides us every day.

Sitting on Mindil Beach watching the sunset

Sitting on Mindil Beach watching the sunset

If you’re heading to the Top End, one of the best markets for both shopping and eating is at Parap on Saturday mornings. There’s an amazing selection of tropical fruits, locally grown veggies, fresh mango smoothies, more Asian food stands, and delicious Middle Eastern snacks perfect for vegans.

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