Mt Roland

Posted by JM on Jul 30, 2022

Yesterday was a chilly morning with -4 and looked to be a beautiful sunny day. We headed over to O’Neills carpark at Gowrie Park to start our hike up to Mt Roland. A quick car shuffle later (leaving a car at Kings Road for our descent down the Face Track from the mountain), we started on the track gradually winding our way up through rainforest, past a waterfall and some new track maintenance, then had a pit stop at the T junction (to the left Mt Roland, to the right Mt Van Dyk).

It was chilly at the top as expected, and once we started heading to the summit, over flooded and iced sections of path, we had an amazing view of the Meander Valley, the Tiers, Gog Range, Blacks Bluff and tiny bits of Cradle Mt all heavily covered in cloud.

The visibility at Mt Roland summit was intermittent but covered in ‘clag’, low lying cloud. Nothing to see 🙂 So we headed back down for lunch, then made our way to the Face Track, better known for its punishing descent angle and boulder scramble.

Once back down through the carnage of the recent winter storm that ripped through our region, we emerged into the warm sunshine at the bottom seven hours later. I think there’ll be a few stiff legs in the morning 😃 Thanks for the great day out in beautiful Tasmanian nature.

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