Cradle Mountain Hike

Posted by JM on Aug 14, 2021

Cradle Mountain never disappoints, neither weatherwise (it’s always four seasons in one day!). We hiked up to Crater Lake, passing along beautiful cascades and waterfalls. We stopped at Crater Lake near the old hut, where we had a short snack and enjoyed the beauty of the surroundings before we continued further up to the track junction. One path led up to Marion’s Lookout and the Overland Track, the other path back down to Ronny Creek, and the other path the way we had just come. The lookout was sensational and afforded us a panoramic view of Lake Lilla and Dove Lake. We headed down to both lakes and then made our way back to the bus stop to return to the Visitor’s Centre. It was definitely short and sweet, but a great day out.

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