Meander Falls

Posted by JM on Aug 01, 2021

Thanks to Rachel, Anna and Hildegunn for the walk yesterday in very wet conditions up to Meander Falls in the Great Wester Tiers Conservation Area. With the extreme amount of rain we’ve had in the past two weeks, it was certainly the right time to see the falls! But it also meant that there were waterfalls everywhere, including the track itself!

The track followed the Meander River up to the Central Plateau over a distance of approximately 3 KM, on a gradient of about 500 metres. The track was quite wet with several parts underwater and alternative routes taken. Rocks and branches and some steep sections also made it a challenge, but overall it was a magical and beautiful hike through some of the most scenic country in Meander Valley.

Towards the top we encountered bits of snow on the tops of the Tiers and also fresh snow falling on us. Unfortunately we weren’t able to make the final half hour to see the falls, but we will definitely be back!

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