St Patricks Head

Posted by JM on May 09, 2021

St Patrick’s Head may be a short hike (2 hours total) but it’s one for those with a good head for heights. It’s an adventurous hop to the top through rainforest, dry sclerophyll, and boulder scrambling at the end, with an awe-inspiring view over the ocean and East Coast (Scamander, St Helens, etc), as well as Fingal Valley, St Mary’s and Mt Elephant.

The hike reminded me a bit of Hanging Rock and Minnow Falls. Driving into St Mary’s from Fingal you can hardly miss St Patrick’s Head which juts out of the horizon into a perfect pyramid. It’s probably one of the best short hikes I’ve done, combining everything you could ever want in a great walk. Thanks to Hildegunn for the great day out. See everyone at the next hike.

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