Online Tutoring

I offer online language tutoring for general and specialised English (medical, business, engineering and technical). I also work as a freelance writer and publish both fiction and non-fiction texts for language learners.

I use Skype and Zoom for tutoring, and my base hourly rate starts from 180 NOK, € 18 EUR and AUD$ 27 per 45 minutes.

I grew up in a bilingual home (English and French) and have spent most of my life living with a toe in many cultures.

I’m an accidental linguist, having crashed into language training quite by chance, but ever since have dedicated myself to improving my professional knowledge of language acquisition, e.g. studying it at a tertiary level, teaching languages to others, as well as diving into language learning as a student.

I enjoy learning and working with language, and helping others do the same. Speaking languages is history in motion. A moment where we can combine the past, present and future simultaneously. Language also brings together the many influences which make us who we are, such as culture, tradition, art, storytelling, music, symbolism, philosophy, and more.

Students in Kenzingen, Germany Students enjoying breakfast English in Kenzingen, Germany

Before I lived in Norway, I lived in Freiburg, Germany and freelanced as an English trainer both there and over the border in Basel, Switzerland. I had contracts with a number of language schools teaching professional English (see an overview below).

I have experience teaching English to employees in the solar industry, as well as in diverse engineering disciplines from gear technology to waste water recycling and incineration plant construction.

English Cafe in Kenzingen, Germany Students enjoying the English Cafe in Kenzingen, Germany

I have given after-school tutoring to students sitting the Eurokom and Abitur exams, and prepared and supervised adults sitting various Cambridge tests.

Related to teaching English has been my collaboration with native German speakers in the translation of technical documents from Deutsch « » English.

I have coached students/clients on intercultural issues, as well as prepped them for international meetings and company tours.

In Australia, I volunteered as a teacher’s assistant at the Southern Queensland institute of TAFE in Toowoomba, teaching English to newly arrived migrants, as well as tutoring adults in literacy.

I’ve been teaching general and specialised English for thirteen years now. I continue to teach private individuals, and would be happy to pass on a testimonial.

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Teaching at Europa Park in Germany Teaching at Europa Park in Germany

Companies I have taught at

  • SBL Sprachschule in Liestal, Switzerland: law enforcement, border security, medical and business English, as well as beginner level and intermediate conversational classes.
  • English Training Consulting (ETC) in Basel, Switzerland: technical and business English.
  • Die Vokabel in Emmendingen, Germany: beginner and intermediate level English, Nachhilfe (after school) support, one-on-one classes, as well as web site maintenance.
  • Europa Park in Rust, Germany: general and specialised English to workers in hospitality and gastronomy, as well as security service.
  • Duale Hochschule Baden Württemberg (DHBW) in Lörrach, Germany: English to students in tourism, industry and business administration, administered testing, as well as assisted students in the writing of term papers and theses.
  • VHS Nördlicher Breisgau in Emmendingen, Germany: courses in Beginner’s English, piloting of both the KEY and GREAT textbooks for Cornelsen Verlag.
  • VHS Freiburg in Freiburg, Germany: courses in Beginner’s English, assisted with Cambridge Examinations, specialised courses in English and Australian culture (cooking) and also Tea Time afternoons.
  • Englisch Lernen Online in Freiburg, Germany: worked together with Benedikt Allkemper and his team on the recording of dialogues, and the proofreading and copywriting of web site content and lessons.
  • inlingua in Freiburg and Villingen, Germany: beginner and intermediate level English to both private individuals and companies located in the Black Forest and Freiburg. This work also included the administering and supervising of tests.
  • inlingua in Villingen: basic computing skills to students training to be Fremdsprachensekretärinnen and preparation of students about to sit the FCE Cambridge examination.