Our housesitting assignment in Emerald at Keith and Ula’s home, looking after three rescue dogs, two rescue ponies and three horses.

We left Tasmania about a week ago, and are at our last housesit in Australia – a 20-acre farm situated midway between the Dandenong and Yarra Ranges. We’re taking care of three horses, two ponies and three dogs: Grady, a Shepherd/Masstif cross; Lou Lou, a beautiful Kelpie; and Pepe, a mini Poodle/Maltese cross, who thinks she’s the boss.

Where we are is about 1.5 hours out of Melbourne, in the country, but it was still a little shock to arrive here, after the peace and quiet of Tasmania. Tasmania’s entire population is the size of Oslo’s. While Melbourne’s population is almost the size of Norway’s, so it does take quite a while before you get out of suburbia and find breathing room. Two totally different worlds.