Wandering albatross

Wandering albatross

The Wandering albatross (Diomedea exulans) is one of the largest flying birds on the planet, with a wing span of up to 3.25 metres. It spends most of the time gliding around on the strong winds of the Southern Ocean, circling the globe as it goes. When it does decide to make landfall, one of it’s favourite breeding sites is Macquarie Island, a sub-Antarctic island half way between Tasmania and Antarctica. Not that it’s in a hurry – young albatrosses can spend up to six years at sea. It’s a good thing they’ve perfected their power naps, sleeping for seconds at a time while flying.

Size of illustration is A2 (42 x 59.4 cm)

Superb Fairywrens

Superb fairywrens

Superb fairywrens (Malurus cyaneus) are small little birds that bounce around our gardens and fields all year round in Tasmania. One amazing thing about this little bird, measuring only 14 cm, is that the male changes colour. Most of the time he is brownish in colour, resembling the female, but when his hormones start raging and mating season is near, his hood colours bright blue with black markings. They always bring a smile to my face, so I thought I’d bring their smiles out in return 🙂

Pink Robin

Pink robin

The Pink robin (Petroica rodinogaster) is a tiny little pink-breasted ball of a bird, measuring 13 cm or less from the tip of its beak to the end of the tail feathers. Only males have a pink chest and belly, to impress the more sombre looking brown females. These gorgeous little birds are of course found in Tasmania 🙂

Tasmanian Wedge-tailed eagle and Eastern quoll

The Tasmanian Express

I call this ‘The Tasmanian Express’, as it depicts two wonderful creatures endemic to Tasmania. The Eastern quoll is considered extinct on mainland Australia, and is now only found in Tasmania. The Tasmanian Wedge-tailed eagle has developed in isolation for over 10.000 years, and is the largest of all the Wedge-tailed eagles. The female is the largest of them all, with a body length of up to 1.1 metres, and a wingspan of up to 2.3 metres!

This piece is not yet for sale, as it’s part of a larger project, but expressions of interest are welcome 🙂

Size: 77 x 52.5 cm (30.3 x 20.6 inches).
Medium: Colour pencils on paper.


Rondane Hiking Trail

Illustrations for a book project about hiking the Rondane hiking trail (Rondanestien) in Norway. The trail takes you through the splendid nature of Norway, from Oslo – the capitol city – through less inhabited areas and wild nature. We spent approximately 4 weeks hiking the trail, and these illustrations embellish on some of the things we encountered and experienced.

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