Melsheia training run in Sandnes

Published 18-02-2013

Pretty much up until I discovered Melsheia, I had been running on a lot of bitumen and concrete, with the odd gravel track around Mosvannet, Stokkavannet, Hålandsvannet and Godalen. Unless you got out of the city and headed for Sandnes, there wasn’t much in the way of actual soft trail in Stavanger.

Melsheia is not far away from my in-laws, so whenever we went to visit them, I managed to squeeze out a run here and there on its beautiful soft forest trails. Melsheia is used both in winter and summer. In winter as a nordic skiing park, which is lit at night, and in summer for trail running and walking, and the odd biker. The Rogaland Arboretum backs onto Melsheia and both make for a beautiful experience in the Norwegian outdoors.

Looking out across Rogaland Arboretum

Looking out across Rogaland Arboretum

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