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Long distance hiking and trail running are the ultimate slow travel. Once you start, you don’t want to stop. There’s something magical about being on a cross country trail that takes you deeper into yourself and nature. The feeling of genuine freedom and satisfaction that you get is pretty addictive.

Happy Vegan Guide is a one woman guiding service offering personalised hiking and running tours for LGBTIQ+ friendly women over the age of 40. The tours I offer are not just about heading off into the bush, but also about soaking up the local history and stories of the area to be explored. Each tour put together respects the spiritual significance and cultural importance of the area to be explored. Discover local flora and fauna, indigenous and non-indigenous cultures, and experience the local way of life with slow, sustainable, eco-friendly travel.

Hike in your original footsteps, be inspired by old memories and strengthen intuitive connections.

My guiding service

Is for nature-lovers, especially for women over the age of 40, who want to experience the natural, and often wild, beauty of Australia and Norway. My hiking or running tours are about deep immersion in nature - and consequently, yourself.

Build enduring life skills and a sustainable life philosophy, while discovering the beauty of the seasons on foot and up close. Tours are based on individual wishes, fitness levels, budget and time constraints. Accommodation, transport and food recommendations can be provided upon request.

NB: This isn’t a service for expert hikers or elite runners - as I’m sure you don’t need a guide :) This is for the inexperienced and/or weekend warrior whose goal it is to: lose their fear of being out in nature, develop a deeper understanding and connection with mother earth, and recognise the long-term benefits and value of leading an outdoor-based lifestyle.

Half-day, full-day, weekend or week long running and/or hiking tours are available.

My support service

Is for anyone planning a hike or run in the Tasmanian wilderness, and needs someone with local knowledge and experience, who can help with route planning and logistics (e.g. food drops, pick ups, etc) - and more.

Build natural life skills

I support a natural lifestyle with minimal use of technology (only what is really essential). Here are some alternatives to the modern gagdets that seem to dominate our lives:

  • (smartphone) Open your eyes, real life is all around you.
  • (ipod) Nature has plenty of cool tunes to listen to.
  • (gps) Every human has a built-in GPS - it’s our instinct and intuition.
  • (social media apps) Discover things Facebook and Twitter will never be able to tell you, all free of censorship.
  • (wifi) The original frequency and network is ‘out there’.
  • (Google glass) Alter your perspective naturally by tuning into Mother Earth.

Contact me

My tours are about experiencing something unique. No tour is the same. As each tour is personalised and different, it’s hard to set a price, as it will greatly depend on what you would like to achieve. A percentage of my rate goes towards worthy nature-based causes and organisations. Some of them include: Australian Land Conservancy, Tasmanian Land Conservancy and WIRES.

  • Call me on 0448 381 306 or email:

As I don’t use a smartphone, I’m not hooked up to the Internet 24/7. It’s best to call or sms me, or send an email. You’ll hear from me very soon. :)