Jasmin Martin - Your Happy Vegan Guide

Fulvio Øksendal at the Oslo Ecotrail 80K 2018

Linda Øksendal at the Stenfjellet Endurance 2017

A local guide, one who lives or has lived in the area you’d like to explore, who has firsthand knowledge and experience, is more than just a guide. They offer a culture and nature bearhug - providing you with deep immersion.

Having lived in Innlandet, Norway for close to four years; the Black Forest, Germany for four years; and Tasmania, Australia for close to two years, I’m not a generations old local. However, I’m very active in exploring and getting to know the country where I live, especially the nature, folklore and culture attached to it. Based on my experiences in Innlandet, the Dreiländereck and Australia, I’ve set up this web site and hiking guide service.

My hiking life started quite young with family hikes in New Zealand and Australia. I graduated up to longer distances on the few occasions my family went overseas to join Swiss relatives in the Alps. As a kid, Switzerland and hiking were a dream combination and set a high standard. In Australia, bush life was the norm when I lived in the Northern Territory, Queensland and Victoria. When I moved to Europe and then later to Scandinavia, long distance hikes and running tours became a part of my daily life. In 2019 I enjoyed a year as activities planner and hiking guide for the FRI Innlandet Turgruppe. In Tasmania, I’ve started up an outdoor adventure group called Map of Tassie open to all women who support or identify with the colours of the LGBTIQ+ rainbow. Professionally, I have a background in training, consulting and natural therapies.

Sunset on the 7 Torp trail in Finnskogen, Norway

Sunset on the 7 Torp trail in Finnskogen, Norway