Find yourself in nature

Nature is the original ‘wow’, where around every corner there’s something to stop and look at in awe and wonder. Hiking gives us the opportunity to immerse ourselves completely in our beautiful natural world.

Are you looking for a hiking guide for trips into some of the most beautiful natural wilderness in northern Tasmania? Hike old world rainforests with a mix of Antarctic beech and dry sclerophyll flora, along remote coastlines where there’s only you and the deep blue sea, or up in the high country where unique alpine flora and fauna abound.

Most Tasmanians would agree that the ‘apple isle’ is another world compared to mainland Australia. If Tasmania is your thing, then rest assured there’s no shortage of hiking trails taking you into its unique natural heritage, such as the tracks leading you up and across the Great Western Tiers to the Central Plateau, Walls of Jerusalem and Cradle Mountain, as well as the Penguin Cradle Trail leading you back down to the northwest coast.

Or would you like to discover Central Norway? Hike the highland and border counties of Oppland and Hedmark (now Innlandet), along hundreds of marked trails crisscrossing and connecting the two, and experience the unique beauty of Norway’s inland national parks.

Central and Eastern Norway offer some of the very best multi-day hiking and trail running opportunities. Take your pick from the Bergenske Kongevegen, Finnskogsleden, Jotunheimstien, Pilegrimsleden (western route) and Rondanestien, which take you through inland Norway’s most spectacular regions.

My interest is in bringing you closer to nature and the cultures that lived/live in nature, such as the Palawa (Pallittorre and Panninher) in Northern Tasmania, and the Nørrona and Sami in Norway.

“Why do we say ‘I’m going out in nature’? We are a part of nature, therefore we are always ‘in’ it.”


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