Happy Bee Retreat

Happy Bee Retreat bed and breakfast was born in Norway in 2015, although inspiration for it was drawn from living a simple bush life in Australia for more than a decade. When Jasmin moved overseas to work in Freiburg, Germany and Basel, Switzerland, she looked for ways to return back to this basic life.

In 2013, Jasmin moved to beautiful Norway to be with Hildegunn. At first they lived together in the small city of Stavanger on the west coast, but soon agreed that a life in the city was not for them. In 2015 they found their Happy Bee Retreat in Landåsbygda, central Norway - a wooden house surrounded by stunning forest, lake and mountain landscape. It was here that they opened their doors to guests for the first time.

Even though moving to Tasmania in 2019 put an end to their bed and breakfast dream in Norway, Jasmin and Hildegunn continue to look for a new Happy Bee Retreat where guests, friends and family can come to relax, reflect and simply be in nature. Whether this ends up being in Norway or Tasmania or both, remains to be seen :)

Ideally, Jasmin and Hildegunn would like their Happy Bee Retreat, Mark II, to feature:

  • a farm (run with natural farming and regenerative principles) with domesticated animals (goats, sheep, alpacas, chickens) and native wildlife, honey and native bees, a biodymanic garden and orchard, produce sales at the farm gate.
  • the opportunity for guests to stay and be pampered, or to WWOOF, or even farmsit.
  • a nature getaway with tiny home accommodation, a mountain hut (fjell hytte) for hikers, trail runners and outdoor adventurers, artist and writer’s retreat, nature temple and clinic for traditional medicine treatments including sauna, outdoor wood-fired bath and cold water pond, outdoor kitchen and fire pit, and forest trails
  • self sufficiency with forest culture, renewable energy, a maker’s work shed, artist atelier and gallery, repair cafe and secondhand (or life) shop, tiny library and antiquarian book exchange with small cafe
  • the first gay, bisexual and pansexual women’s centre in the southern hemisphere with regular events and gatherings
  • alternative methods of payment such as barter, swap, exchange, payment in food, or services.

We are also looking to share Happy Bee Retreat farm with like minded others, who find value in:

  • sharing and pooling of intellectual, emotional, social and financial resources
  • reduction of stuff, consumption and debt
  • interests, hobbies and skills that provide individual and collective incomes
  • work as meditation and a way to express intuition, creativity and originality
  • a support network for all who live on-site
  • ownership of land, property, and belongings in a genuine tribal-collective sense

Watch this space, as we are on the lookout for our next Happy Bee Retreat. In the meantime you’re welcome to visit our old Happy Bee Retreat, which no longer operates, but whose web site is still online.