Farmsitting in Tasmania’s central highlands

Date published: 30 Apr 2018 - Written by Jasmin Martin - Filed under creativenomads

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Enjoying Tasmania at our farm housesit in Ellendale, northwest of Hobart and close to Mt Field national park, which we hope to soon explore. But first, perfecting our training in how to take care of goat girls and boys.

Yesterday, we had to move all the girls into one paddock. It turned into quite an adventure. Instead of “dances with wolves’, it was “runs with goats”, as the goats we had on lead bolted to join their sisters and daughters - some of which they hadn’t seen for a while.

It was fun to see how goats greet each other after being apart. It was a totally different case with the boys. We had to move the little boys into a paddock with the established bucks. It was kind of like watching a rugby scrum with an explosion of head butting, humping, arguing and pushing around. It’s a tough life being a male goat! 😀

After we went up to the rocky outcrop that looks over the farm to enjoy the amazing view, and to greet the donkeys and horses, who live up there. Animal whisperer Hildegunn was in her element.

Heavy frost overnight, quickly followed by brilliant sunshine. Luckily Ellendale was fog free the whole day, unlike New Norfolk. Checked that all the animals were doing okay and enjoyed the sensational views from all over the farm.

Something nice about waking up on a farm with a lot of animals who are happy to see you, relax together and greet the sun.

One very hot girl in the paddock today who would like to visit the boys, and wake up everyone with her singing.

A very busy little flame robin jumping around on the branch outside the office window this morning.

Low lying cloud covering Ellendale, but not us.

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