The view from Stegastein

Date published: 27 Jun 2017 - Written by Jasmin Martin - Filed under creativenomads

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The view from Stegastein

It’s not very often that we travel around during the tourist season in Norway, but we got a taste of it up at the Stegastein lookout in Aurland. The drive up is breathtaking but it’s one of those ‘bucket list’ places where everyone goes. So if you want to beat the crowds and the selfie sticks, then there are much better lookout alternatives. Try the Ås lookout a little further down and the lookout on the drive up Aurlandsdalen above Vassbygdi. Both are highly recommended and have very few tourists.

24-hours in Norway Amazing what you can see in less than 24 hours in Norway. Such great diversity of nature. Last Friday, we took a drive to the west coast to prepare our provisions at several drop off points along the route we plan to follow on our four week hike. We had the pleasure of experiencing Hardangerfjord and Nærøyfjord again. The weather started out rainy and windy, with snow still on the Hardangervidda plateau and mountains, but ended up with blue sky and sun on the drive home. We spent the night with some goat herds down in Undredal, a magical little village at the banks of the spectacular Aurlandsfjorden.

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