Hiking in Bunyip State Park

Date published: 12 Jul 2018 - Written by JM - Filed under Australia

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In preparation for our long distance hike coming up in less than four weeks, we’ve been out on some pretty nice trail runs and hikes.

The most recent was at Bunyip State Park, which is the relatively unknown sister compared to Mt Dandenong – where everyone goes. This is a good thing though, because you’re guaranteed not to bump into too many people and can have the whole place to yourself.

A bunyip is a mythological creature, supposedly feared by the aboriginal people of Australia. Nobody really knows what one looks like, but it could be a similar concoction as the platypus, e.g. bits of this, bits of that. Bunyips usually live in billabongs or waterways, and shouldn’t be disturbed. They have been known to jump out and eat people, if bothered.

Our hike (roughly 12 km) took us up to Four Brothers Rocks, which are giant granite boulders that look as though they were rounded and smoothed by water. Located at a height of around 420m, it makes you wonder how this landscape once looked - perhaps even underwater?

I’m not really sure why the rocks have been named the Four Brothers, or who named them – either an Aboriginal legend or British explorers? But it seems like the rocks are more feminine than anything else, with beautiful curves and dimensions.

We stopped for a cup of tea and sat in a pool of sunshine for five minutes on a boulder, and enjoyed the view of Black Snake Valley and Blue Range.

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