Hoof cleaning and other fun alpaca things

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THIS IS BAGHEERA, a dark handsome male alpaca, whose also very curious and loves to talk. Just wait until he gets you in a corner by himself!

Fjellhaug, our home in Landåsbygda

While giving vitamins to the first lot of crias (young alpacas) and their mums, Bagheera was wandering outside the pen, wading through the deep snow checking us out. Or perhaps feeling a little impatient? As soon as he got his chance to come in, he made several beelines over to me and the cat, who was sitting on the fence being pretty friendly. Not all alpacas are as ‘forward’ or take the initiative like Bagheera, so it goes to show what kind of engaging, strong personality he has.

The whole gang of alpacas received their monthly vitamin boost yesterday. While a select lot of adult and cria males received a special magic potion (very top secret recipe) which adds shine and sparkle to their fleeces and smiles. We also took some fleece samples, and I got to see the difference between good and excellent fleece qualities. There are quite a few excellent males and females in the group, and no doubt as to why the alpha male is the boss! 💪

We finished off the day with a bit of hoof cleaning, which is a kind of cross training exercise, involving a lot of wrestling, kickboxing and weight lifting - and maybe some spitting. If anyone thinks giving an alpaca a pedicure is easy, it’s not! 👿 Especially not for the one holding the alpaca still! 🤪

All in all it was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, and always a pleasure to work outside and with alpacas. If you want to learn more about them, come and see the AlpacaJoy of Norway gang and dozens of other alpacas at the Alpakkautstilling in April https://www.facebook.com/events/261738594478643/ 🦙

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